Kirja investointipankkiireista pitää kuvata englanniksi:

In a bank the people working in a Corporate Finance team must be separated from the rest of the bank by a Chinese wall.

In addition to being a physical one, this wall is meant to prevent flow of information. This is because they handle confidential information.

They are financial advisers and work always with the top management or owners of a company. They are working with projects which will, if successful, be announced as an M&A deal or as an equity issue or listing of a company to the stock exchange. 

‘Bankers Behind The Wall’ gives you a glimpse to this mysterious activity and the team working in Corporate Finance. Or is there anything mysterious in investment banking?

It is certainly not all about money. I know, because I’ve been there. Behind the wall.

54 sivua. Painos loppunut, ei myynnissä. ISBN 978-952-67683-1-1